Faith Community Nursing

Wendy and Shari

Wendy and Shari

Faith Community Nursing (FCN) at Woodlawn is a team of Wendy Siedlecki RN and associate Shari Hull LPN. We feel blessed to be part of this congregation and to have the support of St. Anthony’s Hospital to guide us in our ministry. FCN (first known as Parish Nursing) began 20 years ago in the Tampa Bay area at St. Anthony’s Hospital. Over 75 churches work with hospitals in the BayCare organization. Our focus is health and wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. We strive to be a resource for services available in the community as well promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The FCN program offers monthly morning and evening meetings at St. Anthony’s. Speakers update us on the latest medical care as well as health programs offered to the community. Wendy and Shari also have the opportunity to participate in courses offering in-depth information on different health issues. Their goal is to bring this information back to our congregation. In January, they finished teaching a four-week class on diabetes awareness to a group in the congregation. All the materials and teaching tools were provided to us.

They were able to attend several all day conferences exploring faith and wellness. Wendy volunteered at St. Anthony’s Triathlon. Wendy and Shari took blood pressures for people at our annual church Bazaar in November.

Wendy writes a monthly health article for the Woodlawn Window (WW). If you’re interested in reading some of her past articles, go to the Woodlawn Window page.

Shari keeps the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall and the narthax up to date. Both Wendy and Shari are available to take blood pressure after church or at other church events.

Shari and Wendy visit those in the hospital and keep in touch with our home bound and those in nursing homes. A future goal of St. Anthony’s is to use FCN’s at discharge to help better coordinate care after leaving the hospital.

Faith Community Nursing is a great program and we are blessed to have Wendy and Shari here!

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