Christian Education


The Adult Sunday School Class led by Jim Wood continues to meet on Sunday mornings. Attendance has increased over the past year and appreciation goes to Jim Wood for his continued leadership with our education program.

YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS * is led by Betty Turini and Donna Sirmons, who follow the NBA (New Bible Adventures) program, reviewing a Bible story for a period of four weeks through different genre, i.e., drama, videos, games, crafts.

KIDS KORNER * The Kids Korner (formerly known as the nursery) received a mini-makeover this year and everything is bright and cheery!  Children of all ages are welcomed by the attendant and will find books and toys appropriate for their age group.

WPC Child Policy Guidelines * require that each Child Care Provider, staff member or volunteer has successfully undergone a background check. This includes Youth Sunday School, Kids Korner, or any event where a staff member or volunteer is responsible for children in their care.


The Media Center is available to all. Two computers, a copier, DVD and video players are all functioning and ready for use. Resources include many books, DVDs videos and instructional programs. The room can be used for long term projects as well as meetings.


Our pastor, John Underwood, began a Wednesday morning study 10-11am.


Well known as the oldest Bible study class at Woodlawn, it was created out of necessity in the 1950’s. Many women worked during the days and had children they couldn’t leave unattended, so a number of them joined together for an evening Bible study that began with each bringing a covered dish. The group became known as the Women’s Circle Bible Study and continues to meet the second Tuesday evening each month September through May with a covered dish dinner, Bible study and friendship….come join us!

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