Klarman Exercise Group

It is said that Presbyterians like to eat and know how to put on a great potluck
dinner, and we do! But, we also know exercise is good for us.

The Klarman Exercise Group was founded by Howard Klarman a decade or more
ago when he came by the church office and asked permission to exercise in
Fellowship Hall if the space was available. The recreation center where he had
been going canceled its Senior Low-Impact Class. Knowing he benefited from
his exercise and not wanting to stop his routine, Howard went through his
exercises twice a week by himself. He set such a good example that soon
others began to follow along. The Exercise Group was born!

Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM men and women meet in the air-
conditioned Fellowship Hall. Either Joe Orts or Jim Wood call the exercises with
some emphasizing balance, others stretching. Participation varies with the
season. During summer, eight or so attend, but as many as 12 – 14 attend later in the year.
Each person brings a towel, a broom or mop stick, and a mat, if one wants
to participate in the floor exercises, although it is not required.

The Woodlawn’s exercise group is quite social. Water is served to hydrate
everyone and on occasions, birthdays are celebrated with brownies or
other calorie free treats! You will find the Klarman Exercise Group friendly,
helpful and lots of fun! Why not come and stretch with them?

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