Fellowship Committee

You know how good you feel when someone invites you into the warmth and fellowship of their home….

…..well, it may have been a couple weeks, or it may have been years since you last visited, but catching up with old or new friends over coffee is a treat and our Fellowship Committee Teams make sure you feel cared about and welcomed here at Woodlawn!

A big part of fellowship is good conversation over a cup of coffee or fruit punch after worship, and this happens because of some very talented and caring people!

The Chair of the Fellowship Committee, Wendy, coordinates several teams responsible for fellowship after worship on Sundays. These teams also work together on other events to provide hospitality; for instance, receptions for special events or after a memorial service.

Each fellowship team arrives early on Sundays, quietly makes coffee, puts baked goods on trays and gets the punch bowl filled.

The Woodlawn Fellowship Committee was awarded a grant a few years back for the purpose of including fresh fruit and vegetables at our events as a “road to better health.”  The teams jumped on this with enthusiasm, and frequently you’ll see a tray of vegetables with a dip and a bowl of the seasonal fruit that we’re so lucky to have year round here in Florida!

We are catered to by these very caring saints who quietly set out the fare, welcoming both guests and members into fellowship at our church.  If you have an interest in hearing more about fellowship or participating in some way, leave your name and contact info for Wendy at the church office.

Our members feel coming to Woodlawn Church is like entering a welcoming home and our Fellowship team members are one of the reasons.  If you’re interested in helping provide food or hospitality on one of our Fellowship teams, or if you’d just like to say, “Thank You,” please contact the Fellowship Chairperson through the church office or the contact page.

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