Lunch Bunch

On the second Thursday of the month our “lunchers” meet at 11:45 AM at area
restaurants to enjoy good conversation and, of course, good food. They meet
ten months out of the year, taking only July and August off. Several of the regular
attending lunchers select the venue for each month, although new and interesting
suggestions are always welcomed. A sampling of the restaurants we often
include are: Fourth Street Shrimp Store, Harvey’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and
Village Inn, to name a few. The luncheon venue for the month is published in our
newsletter, The Woodlawn Window, and in our Sunday Worship Bulletin. It’s also on our web calendar.

The group’s liaison hostesses, Barbara Kuhn and Jane Orts assist our group by
calling the restaurant in advance to let them know approximately how many to
expect. The church office is open Tuesdays – Fridays, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM,
(727) 822-4477. Please leave a phone message to RSVP or to confirm the venue.

Though participation varies with the season, the average attendance is 10 – 12.
Singles or couples, makes no difference, everyone orders what they fancy
(separate checks) and everyone enjoys themselves. You are welcome to come chat with us, laugh with us and make some new friends!

2017 Lunch Bunch Schedule

March  9     Kristina’s Cafe        3590 34th St N                        526-6673

April      13 (pending)     Westminster Palms     939 Beach Dr NE     821-4583

May      11     Spring Garden Family     1018 62nd Ave N       528-2722

June        8     Athenian Garden       2220 4th St N                                822-2000

July      13    Luckie B’s              4351 4th St N                              823-5825

Aug        10    Red Mesa Restaurant (NOT Cantina)  4912 4th St N   527-8728

Sept     14    Fourth Street Shrimp Store     1006 4th St N     822-0325

Oct         12    Harvey’s 4th Street Grill       3121 4th St N                      821-6516

Nov        9    Leverock’s Seafood House    840 Pasadena Ave S     367-4588

Dec        14     Cheddar’s Casual Cafe     4101 Park Blvd, Pinellas Pk    544-8518


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