Prayer Ministry

Pastor Carolyn Olds Mikels, Volunteer Ministry Associate

Room for Prayer is located on Second Floor

Open by appointment with Pastor Carolyn Olds Mikels, founder on staff, in residence November-April. Additional information or for availability:  Contact Pastor Carolyn c/o office (727) 822-4477

The Room for Prayer, inaugurated fall 2006, is a sun-lit place apart, such as Jesus sought when needed — for comfort, solitude, reflection, meditation, prayer and study.  It invites and nurtures solitude for those who desire to enter into a silent and holy break from an otherwise busy schedule.  The room’s arrangement and choice of furnishings draw seekers to activities of their choice:

  • The chapel-like worship space with votive table, kneeling bench and a semi-circle of armchairs and couch invite quietude in which to ponder, pray, meditate, and to just rest in God
  • Rev. Carolyn’s reference library devoted to spiritual formation as foundational to all aspects of Christian living and discipleship, is a resource as needed by those who seek her support and encouragement.

Lectio Divina:  Divine Reading of Scripture

Wednesdays, 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
November through April, Second Floor
Pastor Carolyn Olds Mikels
Church Office (727) 822-4477

From November through April, our prayer group Practicing Lectio  Divina: the Divine Reading of Scripture is in session, led by Pastor Carolyn Olds Mikels, Volunteer Ministry Associate.

To learn more about the practice of Lectio Divina, inclusive of the Christian meditation form Centering Prayer and how the flow of the hour together unfolds, additional information follows and feel free to contact Pastor Carolyn c/o Church office.

Nurturing Passionate Spirituality is the specialized calling of retired Pastor Carolyn Olds Mikels at Woodlawn since 2005.  Carolyn also provides liturgical and pastoral assistance to Woodlawn’s pastor as needed and able.

Her ministries with Woodlawn members and community friends include Spiritual Counseling, Mentoring in Christian traditional spiritual disciplines and church seasons, Christian faith healing prayer, and exercising discernment of one’s gift and call-based ministries.

To get to know, talk with, or make an appointment with Carolyn for individual personal time, just see her at church or contact Carolyn.  She is with us November-April; the other half of the year she spends driving to, living in, and returning from Blue Hill, Maine.

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