It is National Pet Day!

What is special about April 11th?
It is National Pet Day!
What is R.E.A.D?

R Reading
E Education
A Assistance
D Dogs
I want to thank Bill Silva and his beautiful READing Paws DOGS, Abby (bloodhound) and Max (doberman) for being present on Feb. 20th for our 3rd Annual Pet Fair & Blessing of the Animals to help introduce our community to this fantastic program. These registered therapy dogs team with their owner to volunteer in elementary schools, libraries, before/after school programs, health care facilities, boys and girls clubs, etc. to encourage children to read in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Abby and Max meet one-on-one with a child to listen attentively. I first met Bill and Abby at St. Anthony’s as they had just completed their therapy visits at the hospital. He was gracious to accept my invitation to attend our February event and I feel we are all the better for learning about READing Paws, an affiliate of R.E.A.D., a program of Intermountain Therapy Animals.

To learn more about READing Paws go to: or (615) 794-5761. Janie Hodgson

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